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An Israeli crime against their own children.

While Israel tries hard to claim a civilized, modern and westernised nature, this video shows how they are not much different from ISIS, Al Qaida or any other discriminating violent extremist ideology. How Israeli kids are being raised not only to hate Arabs but also to like the idea of killing them. This time their crimes are not only against Arabs but also against their own children.

Many pro-Israel media outlets rush to broadcast videos and photos of Arab children carrying guns or shouting hostile slogans against Israel as an indication of Arab hostility. Now, is there any western TV show that can broadcast such a video about Israeli crimes against their own kids?

When it comes to the morals of political conflicts and extremism, one does not see much difference between Israel and  terrorist groups.  Imagine how much power and support Israel enjoys including nuclear weapons and how dangerous this can be if kids like these in Tel Nof grow up to be psycho decision makers in Israel who feel happy about killing. How many they can kill and how much damage they can do to humanity.

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The video, apparently taken in the Israeli air force base of Tel Nof, shows how do Israelis celebrate preparing their kids to Arabs and enjoy it.

Here comes a beautiful answer to them from Rafeef Ziadah, We teach life sir!  Enjoy the difference 😉

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