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Religion and Science, The Forced Mix


The habit of mixing religion with science is as ancient as witchcrafts in the early human history.  Some even claim that religion was introduced to humanity by the lack of science at the beginning of human history. During the last few decades, that ancient forced-mix popped up again, and instead of using science to study and better understand religion and its development, many islamist scholars are redefining religious literature to explain and justify scientific facts.

The problem with such discourse is when people deal with their faith as if it was knowledge or facts. While religion is the belief or faith in a set of values, and practices based on the teachings of a messenger, prophet or a spiritual leader, science is something completely different. It is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. The difference between religion and science is the difference between faith and knowledge.

Belief is like love, a qualitative emotional status that does not have to be rational or logical. Knowledge is a quantitative value that is based on ration, logic and experience. They are not contradictive in their nature and can even complement each other but can not be just melted or mixed without distinction. A lot of religious debates are going on, but I think to debate believers about their belief, is like debating lovers about their love no better understanding can come out but rather hate and discrimination.

I hope those who are mixing their knowledge with their faith and religion with science realize the difference and know that merging them not only does not benefit any of them but also is a  big lie to the face of humanity. At least they should not disturb the relative stability of their religions by the always changing (developing) nature of  science.