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Sex and Morality


I was 14 years old when I first wrote about sex and morality. It was an article in Arabic for my school magazine. The title was “It”. I do remember that my teacher Wafaa read the whole article without any interruption and then gave it back to me saying that she can not publish it. I was angry because I thought it is good and worth publishing as it was written for teenagers (and wrote by one). I wrote it in a decent way and was just trying to question a tradition of considering sex immoral in my society while almost everyone is thinking about it in a way or another! I questioned the relation between sex and love and at the end proposed a class about this issue to be taught for us because I knew how my fellow students were chanted by this topic. When I insisted on a reason for her rejection she said:  “You can only publish such things in ‘Your Private Doctor Magazine’ the only magazine then that wrote about sex in Arabic (Tabybak El khas طبيبك الخاص) for some time later I used to be an avid reader for that magazine but my article did not find its way to the target readers.

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