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Unemployment in Egypt

A higher standard of living and a better quality of life must be the prime objectives of any efficient and sincere government. In Egypt – where employment insurance is almost non-existent, social insurance is very poor, and overly large population is still growing at a high rate – Unemployment has become a national problem. The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES) organized a two-day conference in  2002 to discuss the issue. The conference showed a number of discrepancies on the Egyptian way of dealing with unemployment.

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The difference between Sharon and Arab rulers

Democracy, terrorism, and national security are concepts whose definitions span a wide spectrum and are frequently contradictory. an Arab professor has raised some necessary questions about their use in the Middle East.

“Sharon is a Terrorist – And You?” That is the provocative title of an article recently penned by Kuwaiti University professor Ahmad El Baghdadi.  It first appeared in the Kuwaiti paper Al Anbaa and was later picked up by the Egyptian weekly Akhbar Al Yom. The article indirectly criticized Arab leaders and directly attacked the Arab press for focusing on Israel’s actions but disregarding what Arab rulers do to their own people.

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