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Humanity is still in an adolescent phase

In spite of all the modern technologies that are making the world into a global village, and although humanity has greatly suffered from conflicts and wars throughout its history, so-called globalization has thus far failed to significantly encourage understanding and tolerance among the world’s different cultures and civilizations.  Does the monochromatic economic approach of globalization … Read more

to the WEF, Ignore the world’s poor at your own risk

Demos against the World Economic Forum in New York 2002

As attendees at the World Economic Forum (WEF) rolled out of New York in a stream of black limousines, they carried a warning from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan: “Ignore the world’s poor at your own risk.” It was a message that reverberated constantly throughout the five-day event, from conference rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel to demonstrations on Manhattan’s streets.

The WEF is usually faced with demonstrations against it wherever it takes place. Being one of the world’s significant symbols of economic globalization, the WEF has been always a target of condemnation from angry street public to organized anti-WEF international conferences such as the World Social Forum that is taking place in Brazil at the same time of the WEF meeting.

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Religion and Science, The Forced Mix


The habit of mixing religion with science is as ancient as witchcrafts in the early human history.  Some even claim that religion was introduced to humanity by the lack of science at the beginning of human history. During the last few decades, that ancient forced-mix popped up again, and instead of using science to study and better understand religion and its development, many islamist scholars are redefining religious literature to explain and justify scientific facts.

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History of Sex in Egypt

Unlike the current days, sexuality in Egypt at the time of Pharaohs used to be open, untainted by guilt. Sex was an important part of life – from birth to death and rebirth. Singles and married couples made love. The gods themselves were earthy enough to copulate. The Egyptians even believed in sex in the afterlife. Sex was not taboo… Even the Egyptian religion was filled with tales of adultery, incest, homosexuality and masturbation… with hints of necrophillia! Masculinity and femininity itself were strongly linked with the ability to conceive and bear children…

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Arabs’ Future

In spite of the poor record of Arab’s achievements in many fields, there is still ‘some’ hope for development that can only be realized in a timely fashion if Arabs stop dreaming and actually start working. Multi-dimensional development in the national and regional levels is a must to achieve the missing prosperity of the Arabs. … Read more

Wef demos in New York 2002

For a visitor to New York city coming from a country of an authoritative regime like Egypt and thinking of the U.S. as the country of freedom and democracy, the anti-WEF demonstrations was some kind of a reality-check. Talking with an angry demonstrator telling him that he should appreciate the fact that they have the right to peaceful demonstration, he seemed not to understand how may not he has such a basic right.

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World Economic Forum

I participated in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum that was convened in New York City under the theme “Leadership in Fragile Times: A Vision for a Shared Future.” The gathering, which has taken place in Davos, Switzerland since 1971, moved to New York in 2002  as a signal of Forum members’ determination to tackle head-on the extraordinary challenges faced by the world after the attacks of September 11th. From January 31st until February 4th, 2002, some 3,000 world leaders from business, government, academia, religion, the media and civil society had their first opportunity to develop an integrated response to these new circumstances. The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2002 contributes to shaping a new global vision.

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