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With several years of experience as a full-time and freelance journalist, I wrote numerous published articles in both English and Arabic languages. I worked in a documentary for CNN, and  I have been a guest speaker in several TV shows.  I was also an editor for an English language magazine published from Cyprus by Allied Publishers. Throughout the years I interviewed persons of many different nationalities, and from all walks of life, from criminals and terrorists to multinational CEOs, ambassadors, governors and ministers.

Freelance journalism I offer/do :

  • research and write in-depth analytical articles
  • conduct interviews (text and photos, audio or video)
  • offer correspondent services
  • editing services (text, photos, audio and video)

Favorite topics are issues related to the Middle East, international politics and economy.

Through several years of my work as a journalist in addition to participating in high-profile events, conferences and workshops, I have direct access and personal contacts to many world top professionals and officials, especially in the Middle East, USA, and Germany.

For inquiries, assignments  or proposals,  kindly contact me

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