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My work in information technology had started before Internet was introduced to Egypt in the early 90’s and it was the foundation of my Internet expertise. I started working in IT – while I was still a university student – in computer hardware sales and support (Sedra Computers) and later founded my own company (Alamia Computer Service) with a partner and extended its services to include networking and programming.  When internet access started in Egypt in 1993 I was one of the first few 1000’s in the country to have access to Internet via IDSC / RITSEC. From the mid 90’s to the end of 90’s I started working professionally in Internet related services including hosting and web-design.  In 2001 I launched CyberCairo Network as one of the first Arabic web services provider in the region offering full Internet solutions and services including Internet access via inTouch and hosting services via Doteasy and in-house web-design and programming as CyberCairo Network.

Starting in 2003 I focused on content management systems and published one of the first online news portals in Arabic powered by an in-house tailored CMS written in PHP programming language and backed by MySQL databases. With the fast development of internet programming and standards, I got involved with the concept of open source and became in favor of it.Internet-services  In 2004 I started using the ultra easy WordPress system and realized its potential not only as a blogging system but also as a simple CMS. I started customizing and using WP as simple CMS for small websites for several years. However, the overall simplicity of WP made it not suitable for more complex projects and therefore I have been extensively testing and reviewing numerous CMSs as to stay updated with which system is suitable for what kind of project.

As a freelance consultant and online publisher I offer the following services:

Conceptual consultancy

  • Concept brainstorming
  • Market research
  • Ontological analysis for web content

Hosting service

  • Custom-tailored shared hosting
  • VPSs (Virtual Private Servers)
  • Dedicated manged servers
  • Multi-servers managed clusters

Website design

  • Online corporate identify
  • Logo and graphic designs
  • User friendly interfaces
  • CMS templates and themes
  • Flash animation
  • Audio and video editing

Website localization

  • Translation of existing websites to English, Arabic, or German languages.
  • Converting current design between LTR (en & de)  and RTL (ar)
  • Localization of interfaces and scripts
  • Translation of content

CMS development and customization

  • Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of any PHP based CMS
  • WordPress as CMS development and customization
  • Drupal CMS development and customization
  • Joomla CMS development and customization
  • Online shops and payment solutions

Internet marketing

  • Search engines optimization (SEO)
  • Websites promotion (directory listing, link exchanges, and online marketing)
  • Mailing lists solutions

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